Elevate your game with the power of plants! 

The new brand Peast Performance promotes vegan organic products that provide an immediate benefit for nutritional optimization. The goal is to combine the highest possible performance and valuable composition of the products with a satisfying taste. Products of the Peast Performance brand are 100% trustworthy and are intended to provide the customer with daily added value for enjoyment.

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Peast Performance

the new brand of the organic, Tyrolean manufacture Biologon

Peast Performance is an innovative, organic and vegan brand specializing in plant-based nutrition. Their logo features a gorilla that symbolizes strength, intelligence and social community. The Tyrolean mountains and trust in organic products are represented by its silhouette. Peast Performance offers products that are soy-free and gluten-free. Their brand is a derivative of Beast, with the P symbolizing plants as in plant-based. Peast Performance strongly believes that this is the right way to go and that a plant-based diet is the future.

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